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More Than a Studio: Alberto Puerto Music's Cultural Connection

Updated: Feb 1

A studio is un estudio is a studio, or is it?

The crisp season of friendship and love has us reflecting on that higher love - our connection with music and art - and really examining our studio project and school and what really makes us different- we're not just a teaching studio, we are a place where cultures meet and artistic inquiry is alive and well!

the couple who founded Alberto Puerto Music at an exhibition
Founders Alberto Puerto and Gined Lopez Ganem

There's been a lot of soul searching on these whys around here- and looking back on the past two years with our first album, The Great Cuban Suite, and the continuing journey of our second album and our collaboration with other wonderful artists in this town- and we've thought of a few things that are really defining what we are doing in Miami- and want to keep on connecting with those who love it!

a man on a balcony with an urban landscape behind him
Alberto with a view of our Magic City

To be frank, a lot of it is about Miami and the unique opportunity it brings us- especially as Latin artists- to unite and to be truly artist-led in every sense. So here are some of the points that we think make our project an enduring part of this town...and we hope you will join us as we create these experiences and bring them to you live!

We don't just teach, we cultivate musical artistry

We design our music programs around Miami's impressive cultural tapestry, celebrating the richness of Miami’s cultural diversity, and creating experiences that go beyond notes on a page. Students have access to repertoire that they just don't get at other schools.

a group of musicians in front of a modernist work of art by painter Gina Pellon
Musicians from the Latin American Songbook album. From left: Cellist Yamile Pedro, Percussionist Otto Santana, Guitarist Alberto Puerto, Vocalist Yina Hurtado, and Sound Engineer Lester Carrodeguas

We are flexible enough to place students on a serious or fun track

Our programs can be tailored for devotion or pleasure. We are happy to cater to both serious musicians and those seeking a fun musical experience. Whatever your goal, we have the perfect musical program for you.

We are Musicians, Not Just Teachers

As working artists, we are constantly engaged with production, curation, and composition of new music. There is truly a difference with instructors who are not only skilled educators but also actively engaged in creating new music. We don't just teach; we live and breathe the art of music.

a guitarist playing in a concert in front of a wall of books
Alberto Puerto at Books and Books with instruments by Bill Glez

we advance Latin music and break cultural silos

musicians playing concert in art gallery
The Latin American Songbook at Cernuda Arte

Our musical explorations unite artists and transcend boundaries, allow diverse cultures to converge, and still lend homage to our Latin American heritage. Our projects explore the unique ways that students can access many cultures, and reach across the cultural silos that often form in a less diverse city.

we bring you MasterClass Programs, Guest Collaborators and Workshops

Our Masterclass Program is designed for the enthusiastic learner, and is an opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of music under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Our guest collaborators bring fresh perspectives, ensuring that your musical journey is not only educational but also inspiring and constantly evolving.

Professors Alberto Puerto and Carlos Serrano with student Light Pierre at master class
Master class with Prof Carlos Serrano

Beyond notes: we constantly hone for Excellence:

Our carefully curated curriculum materials are sourced from the renowned Royal Conservatory of Music and the Cuban School of the Guitar. We are also proud participants in the Florida State Music Teachers Association events. By ensuring these opportunities are available, we uphold the highest standards of musical education. Your journey with us is backed by a commitment to excellence and professionalism. Our commitment to quality education is reflected in the materials we use.

We Collaborate Beyond Boundaries

Alberto Puerto Music is more than a music school; it's a collaborative space where music intersects with various art forms. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together musicians, visual artists, performers, and more, creating a vibrant community that fosters creativity and innovation.

a booth wall at an international art fair with audience
Our project GG Art Space at the SCOPE Art Show with recent works by Hollye Davidson

As we kick off the year, we just can't help but feel these Whys truly coming to life! We look forward to seeing you at our next event. Join Alberto Puerto Music and become part of a community where creativity knows no limits. If you love our work, please don't hesitate to donate here via our 501(c) (3) partner, The National Performance Network.

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A much needed space in Magic City

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