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Credit Card Authorization


As the above named cardholder, I authorize Alberto Puerto Music to charge the credit card detailed above for agreed upon payments of $____________ on a recurring basis on the _________     (day) of each week/month. I acknowledge that my information will be kept on file for future transactions.

I acknowledge that this authorization will remain in effect until it is canceled in writing. I also agree to notify the vendor in writing of any changes in my account information and termination of this authorization at least 15 days before the next scheduled billing date. If the payment date above falls on a weekend or holiday, I understand that the charge may be made on the following business day.


I understand that ACH transactions are electronic payments and that funds may be withdrawn as soon as the above transfer dates. If an ACH payment is rejected due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) I also accept that the merchant may process the charge again within 30 days at their discretion and that an additional charge of $30.00 may be levied for each returned payment. I also certify that I am the owner of the credit card described above and will not dispute the scheduled payments with my bank/credit card company; provided that the transactions correctly correspond with the terms written on this authorization form

Thanks for submitting!

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